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Here we go again........ What is with the injuries?

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Once again this team is ate up with hamstring issues. This is totally unacceptable. These guys are the "best" of the best. Both players and coaches and TRAINING staff. SO WHY DO WE SEE SO MANY HAMSTRING issues? It's either they are not IN shape, or they are not stretching properly. Either way it's time to get a new strenght and conditiong coach. Every year the same thing. So at what point do they call enough and get some new guys in here? Should be soon with some of these guys going down with BACK issues year after year. Come on Jerry- do what you say you do, create a winning team starting with staff and coaches....

OT Tyron Smith (back)
WR Brice Butler (foot)
DT Cedric Thornton (hamstring)
DE Tyrone Crawford (ankle)
CB Marquez White (hamstring)
LB Justin Durant (NFI)
CB Jourdan Lewis (hamstring)
CB Anthony Brown (hamstring)
OG Joe Looney (toe)
WR Javontee Herdnon

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