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Venting player issues

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1Venting player issues Empty Venting player issues on Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:09 pm


As you guys know Zeke screwed himself on this one. On one hand, he is a kid with a butt load of money. This is his "summer" break. He is living a life few get to live. But, while living it, he is damaging his own image? Being on the back side of the 8 already with the money grab hoe, he is going to be sitting... I'm guessing 4-6 games. appealed to 2.

Which, brings me to a point- Why not as a owner make new deal incentive style contracts. Where their off the field conduct effects their on the field money.. Big bonus for good conduct n a arrest gets low balled....... I my eyes it would clean a lot of the current BS. But there is NO way the Players would do that.

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