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Hmmm secondary questions

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1Hmmm secondary questions Empty Hmmm secondary questions on Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:40 pm


OK , I have some serious questions for you diehards....
1) I read on DC where they are thinking about putting Awuzie at safety. Wasn't he a stud at corner?
2) They drafted Woods A SAFETY, a hard hitter at that, so WHY would you short yourself a cb that could be a ball hawking guy?
3) How many Cb;s did they draft? wasn't it enough to fill all the positions?
4) WHY do they move guys around from their natural position to fill other needs? By the time they hit the NFL I'm pretty sure other coaches have moved them around
to see where they fit. So WHY THE HELL do they do this? Look at last year for example- Carr and Mo- they swapped sides and got decent production out of them for the first time since they had been here. So that leads me to think, these coaches are a bunch of dumb asses. If a guy can play good on the right side- WHY THE HELL would you move him to the left to "see" how he does? It makes NO sense to me, NONE NADA ZIPPO... I think the coaches are grasping for results instead of creating them. Or am I just a old fuddy duddy and set in my ways.... ITS GETTING CLOSER!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO I'll get to spend some time with my buds soon!!!

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