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J Lewis Legal issues.....

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1J Lewis Legal issues..... Empty J Lewis Legal issues..... on Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:29 pm



Have you guys seen this? Do you think Goodell will investigate? SHOULD he investigate? I think he should NOT. Why- it happened BEFORE he was in the NFL.
So he couldn't have violated the conduct policy yet. I know, it's a ticky tacky response but, that is how the law works. LOOPHOLES, are everywhere. TOO many lawyers everywhere. I do not condone violence against women, but I can understand his side- I had a extremly mouthy bitch of a female ( WILL NOT call her a woman- she does not deserve that title) who tried to force us into oncoming traffic by lodging her legs against the door and then using ALL her might to try and turn the wheel into oncoming traffic.
Then when that failed- she ripped her finger nails down my arm from shoulder to wrist- bringing blood.. AND that my friends was the LAST STRAW. I went to where my friends were- told them to take her home. I then beat them to our place and emptied all of my stuff into my truck and was finishing up when they arrived. I called my parents- they met me and called the police. So I can sympathize with some of these guys. Women put themselves into a violent situation with men with no consequences on them. But that is neither here or there. I hope he is inocent and does not get the short end of the stick. IF he is guilty, then he gets what he deserves.

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