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Defense this year???

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1 Defense this year??? Empty Defense this year??? on Sun May 28, 2017 8:01 am


I think we will see some growing pains but for the most part we are going to see somethings we have not seen in a long time. INTERCEPTIONS. SACKS. PRESSURE..
With guys like Jaylon Smith, Charles Tapper, Taco Charleton and a few others we are going to see some defense remade. I know I am being a little too optimistic but I just have a feeling. As y ou guys know I've never been a fan of Mo or Carr. So know we will see how those two guys effected our team. Mark my words GO COWBOYS!!!!


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2 Defense this year??? Empty Re: Defense this year??? on Tue May 30, 2017 11:29 am


CAN NOT WAIT for this season to get going. With Carroll getting drunk and driving and getting caught(which isn't the problem but is the outcome of the problem) I think we will see all the rookies pulling this team together. I feel with Taco and Tapper our edge rush is going to take a step forward. I also feel that the rookies will actually be able to step up our secondary and perform BETTER than the last set did. I don't know they will but FEEL they will. I think the last bunch were just there cruising collecting a paycheck. We WILL see...

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